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2014 Rotating Ref Planes in Multiple Axes

Hello, I am trying to accurately rotate reference planes in multiple axes, but struggling. When I rotate the Plane in the South Elevation, it disappears from my East and West Elevations. How do I accomplish this in the Project Modeling Environment?

Posted: by Limbatus

2015 What's most important for a super awesome rendering machine?

Just throw as much CPU and RAM power we can into a box? Something like a Core i7-4930 Ivy Bridge 6-core CPU, on a motherboard with 8 memory slots that supports up to 128 GB RAM? I'm sure we'd start out with 32 GB :mrgreen:

Posted: by patricks

2014 Multiple instances of a link

Thanks Steve, that's what I wanted to hear: that these links can go on to be named Building A, Building B etc. Here's the result: Attachment 95479 ( Okay, Okay -- we need floors. We'll get to that :lol:

Posted: by MikeJarosz

2015 Problems with hatch snap in Autocad 2015?

It is broken in 2015 for sure. Waiting for SP1 before moving it to production use, assuming they fix a lot of other eye candy missteps.

Posted: by reikajapan

2015 Icons near crosshairs

Hey Autodesk, we don't need no stinkin' badges.

Posted: by reikajapan

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AUGIWorld correction

In an effort to provide AUGIWorld readers with the most timely information on the 2015 release of Revit, the articles in the April issue of AUGIWorld, the annual "What's New from Autodesk", were written based on functionality in the beta...


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Manually place balusters

Add a “Sketch Baluster Path” or similar that would allow users to specifically locate individual balusters.  The concept of patterned spacing is nice but more often than not, individual balusters have to be adjusted in “real life.”  Centered on a tread (without adding a baluster…


Copy Areas and Area Color Schemes

I would like the ability to duplicate an area plan layout so I can have the ability to re-use areas, area boundaries, area tags and color schemes.  For area plans where one minor changes is needed from the original, it is time consuming to have…


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